Over the years we have honed our process down to an efficient workflow that allows for creativity to nurture while keeping inline with one utmost important goal – simplifying ideas. Our process is simple and is broken down in the following stages:

We start by understanding you and your business, getting a clear understanding about what the key message you want to communicate is, who your target market is and what the desired outcome of your message is.

Our script writers then transform everything into a script that captures the essence of the message. The script is very much written based on the fact that it will be complementing animated visuals.

We have a massive collection of professional voice over artists who can breath life into the script like you might never have imagined. A professional voice over is a very important element as it adds that crucial sensory layer and gives the animation it’s soul.


The script is then converted into still visual imagery or 'storyboards' that help simplify and explain your message visually. These are a series of sketches that indicate the progression of the animation and highlights the key events of the animation. It also gives the client a good idea about the flow, and timing of the animation. This is a very important part of the process as this is key to really simplifying the idea into visual imagery that everyone can relate to.

We then use these storyboards as a guideline to produce an engaging dynamic animated video ready to be embedded on your website or distributed through social networking sites.
Because animations don't require any heavy production equipment, actors or expensive sets, the production costs are surprisingly low and turnaround times can be as quick as 2 weeks.


Animation WRX has the skills & online marketing knowledge to produce world class explainer videos, television commercials, and 2D/3D animation projects at competitive prices, focussing on quality and offering the best overall value.

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