Animation has been a part of
our lives for decades

It has entertained us through the ages in many ways and forms. A glimpse at this old black & white Mickey Mouse cartoon can instantly send us down memory lane.

Animation has come a long way since its humble beginnings and this has been as much a result of the advancements in technology as a shift in our emotional connection with this medium.

New worlds are created

From short cartoons to full-feature movies being drawn frame by frame,
to animated movies now made entirely using Computer Generated
Imagery (CGI). The worlds created by these animations are worlds
we have dreamed of as kids (and adults). Worlds we can relate to and
get lost in.


These are exciting times as we are taking animation one giant step further to a stage where animation is all about communication; a way to explain (complex) ideas and concepts, and get your story not only heard but also seen. After all, if a picture is worth a thousand words, how many words is a picture with motion and sound worth?

Retain more

With animation you can tell a story in 90 seconds that would take someone 15 minutes to read. Most importantly, animation is a great engagement tool too, you're hooked to the screen, watching and listening and eventually retaining 70% of all you see and hear at the same time.

... But animation itself isn't the big deal!

What makes animation work is the "bringing together" of motion, sound, transition and the story in a way that it is relatable, understandable and most importantly actionable. This part, is called story boarding...and its what we do best.

With technology now easily available and animation schools churning out graduates all over the world anyone can create animations. However fewer people create animations that look great. And only a handful of people can create animations that are effective and lead to more sales and leads.

Its not just the quality of animation that makes a video work...its all things working together, the motion, sound, graphics, script, story, transitions – the 'works' is what makes Animation work.

Our uncanny ability to boil down a complex idea into an engaging, informative and professional story that everyone can relate with is what we are passionate about – what we love to do for all our clients, small or big.

Give us a call to chat about your idea today. You will be surprised as to how easy it is.

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